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The Right Experience for the Job

David Muir has the right mix of professional experience, education, and public service needed to serve successfully as the Salt Lake County Auditor: 9 years in the private sector and 26 years in city and county government. He also brings to the table a tenacious work ethic. David is always willing to roll up his sleeves and get to work on complex problems.

Professional Experience

2005 - Current

17 years as Cottonwood Heights City Finance Director

cottonwood heights incorporation.jpeg

The swearing in of the first mayor of Cottonwood Height after incorporation (photo from

Cottonwood Heights City History)


9 years private sector accounting and auditing experience


9 years in Salt Lake County Government

David sitting at desk thinking.jpg

David has been working for the City of Cottonwood Heights for seventeen years. He was one of the first employees on the job when Cottonwood Heights became a city. As the City Finance Director, he established all things financial, including property tax analysis and collections.

David was instrumental in helping Cottonwood Heights avoid tax increases to property owners totaling over $40 million over 17 years to property owners. Because of this permanent reduction in taxes, the savings continues each year into the future.


When the State of Utah was preparing a sales tax “zip+4” jurisdictional distribution database, David provided critical analysis that corrected the database, which benefited all entities in the State of Utah. 


David is responsible for publishing all annual financial reports for the City of Cottonwood Heights and has been recognized for excellence in financial reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association for the past nine years. He is currently the appointed City Treasurer/Financial Reporting Manager.

While working for Cottonwood Heights, he served on the board of the Utah Government Finance Officers Association for six years, including serving as the chairman.

David spent nine years in private sector auditing and accounting. He worked on fraud and embezzlement cases both before and while serving four years as the Chief Internal Auditor reporting to the Board of Directors of a national retailer. During these years, he was able to reconcile a $12 million dollar accounting error that had been missed by the external CPAs.

David served as Chairman of the Institute of Internal Auditors Association in Utah.

David started his government career at the Salt Lake County internal auditor's office, working as a professional auditor while finishing his MBA at Utah State. He served as Chief Deputy in the Salt Lake County Commission office and on the bond debt review committee. David was instrumental in helping pass the largest voted bond election in Utah to that point to build a new jail.

David working at the Salt Lake

County Auditor's office

Public Service

While in college, David served as a Hinckley Institute of Politics legislative intern in the Utah State Senate for Richard Carling & Bill Barton. He was encouraged to run for a Utah State House seat in 1986 and again in 1988.

David has been an active participant in local community concerns. He sponsored an early petition drive of 1,000 signatures to incorporate the City of Cottonwood Heights in 1996. When Cottonwood Heights eventually did incorporate, he volunteered to help research and analyze the first budget proposal for the city. He also assisted Millcreek incorporation efforts with accurate and verified data of revenues and expenses and prepared their first budget after incorporation. He also assisted the Town of Brighton incorporation efforts with accurate data of revenues and expenses.

Dave 1986.jpg

Campaign photo from David's run for a Utah State House seat in 80s

Education & Certifications

David graduating from USU with his MBA

David graduating with his MBA from

Utah State University

David graduated with a degree in accounting. He then obtained a BS in political science from the University of Utah. While working as an internal auditor with Salt Lake County, David also obtained an MBA from Utah State. From 1997 to 1998, he took additional 20 hours of graduate level accounting courses through USU.


David has continued to qualify himself with many professional certifications, including:

  • Certified Internal Auditor,

  • Certified Government Financial Manager,

  • Certified Public Finance Administrator, and

  • Certified Public Funds Investment Manager.

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